Painful nose pierce

by Sreepriya

I am an 18 year old girl.I also have a story related to pierce.Usually girl's ears will be pierced before 1 year age.But my ears was pierced when I was about 12 year old.One day my mother told me that I should get my ears pierced.But I was not ready to do that as it is very painful.Then my mother told they will be doing it at any condition.They forced me a lot do that.After long compulsion also I was nor ready.One day my mother brought a piercer and mother with the relatives locked me in a chair by catching the hands.I cried a lot but one of them made the mouth close.Then the piercer started to sharpen the tools.I saw the tip of the needle becoming thin.The piercer then marked the place to be pierced on my ears.After that he forcefully inserted that long sharp needle on the marked place.I twisted my body with pain but the people around me made me sit there.Then he took the needle out.That was too painful for me.Thick gold earrings was inserted on the hole.I felt it was my end.It gave me too much of suffering.Like that my other ear was also pierced.Then they tied my hands with a piece of rope and pushed into a room.The pain of the piercing last for about two weeks.It was really a bad time for me.

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