Oily skin and bump around my nosepiercing?

by Stine

I got my nose pierced (ring) around 2½ months ago. I've had some trouble with the famous 'bump' (it has dissapeared and re-appeared a few times) I don't have a bump right now, but the skin around my piercing has suddenly gotten very oily. Just a week ago my skin was really dry and I used organic moisturizer which helped, but now my skin has just gotten really oily instead. It's only around the nosepiercing. The other side of my nose and the rest of my skin looks fine
Is it infected?
Also, I have allergies so every now and then my nose starts running a lot. I've been told that blowing your nose is not a problem, but it is for me. My nosepiercing can be looking absolutely fine but if I blow my nose a lot one day I'll wake up the day after and the bump will have returned + my nose will be sore. How can this be avoided?
(In the beginning I cleaned it with a saltwater solution but now I just clean it with water)

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