Nosering unites me and my wife

by Pranay

I had an arranged meeting with my future wife through parents. I met her for first time and she was really beautiful. Over the period of time, after engagement we met and dated several times before marriage date. On one such meeting during long drive, I asked her about any hidden wish which she might wish to complete before marriage. She replied that she always had charm for nose-ring but wasn't sure of piercing because of the fear that her future husband may not like it. I said that diamond nose stud would perfectly adorn her already beautiful face and would make her one the most beautiful women I could ever know. She was so happy for my support, and I have never seen any person so happy in my life all due to my Yes. I immediately changed my car direction and drove to Jeweller. There I chose 2 set of diamond nose-stud for her which she can wear for change. While Goldsmith was getting ready with procedure, my fiancé mockingly placed nose-stud near my nose, and according to her I was looking cute and adorable in nose-stud. She stood up and said that she is not going to pierce her nose until I don't agree to pierce my nose and ears. Even the young lady goldsmith encouraged my fiancé idea. She suggested me that for my fiancé hapiness I should pierce and only wear nose stud during when nobody is around. I agreed. So my fiancé pierced her both nostrils and I got both my ears and nostrils pierced. We purchased multiple nose-studs and earrings which we exchange with each other every week and play with each other's nose and ears during privacy. It creates intimate bonding and feeling that we are the one united body and enhances love and support for each other. She is the one who changes my jewellery on periodical intervals so that it gives a new look to my face every week. I particularly like the way she lays her soft hands on my nose and delicately removes two nose studs from my nose and inserts a washed nose studs and repeats the same procedure on my ears and later kisses my nose. It can't be anymore exciting, I particularly wait for this moment every week for the fine Saturday morning.

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