nose studs both sides

iam tamil guy in trichy my got her nose pierced both sides and it looks nice to her due to my interest on her nose studs i use to ask her how you are carrying with out any hesitation she told me its not at all a problem if you want to experience it you can wear it for few days i said how its possible suddenly she removed her stud and she tied my eyes with a cloth and pierced my nose right side and placed her stud and fixed the screw inside and shown me a mirror it looks very nice on my nose i said why not left side also she laughed and pierced my left nose and fixed her stud now iam a double studed guy and i asked her how long can i wear it she replied that she only will remove it untill then i have to carry those studs on my nose i thought for that whole day but she still now not removed it since 6 years iam with her studs for few days with my relation and my friends made me fun i said in a bet i got a punishment so i cant avoid now every one got adjusted and my life style is with both nose with studs only out side people have a strange look and very few use to ask me why you are with nose studs i use a say just to encourage my wifes wish

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