Nose studs both sides

This is how it happened. My wife showed me the multi stone nose stud brought for her by her mother. It was really nice and I asked her why do you want this extra nose stud when you are already having one. She replied that this is for her second nostril. She didn't stop with that and asked me whether i would like to have one on my right nostril. Her mother was watching all these conversations and said she would be happy to gift, if I am really interested in it.

As a tit for tat I replied saying I would like to have Tanajore style piercing.My wife and m.i.l were surprised on hearing my reply and were inquiring whether I was really interested in it. I replied 'not very much'. Though I started this topic on a very casual manner now, the conversation turned out to be a hot topic.

After two days my wife got her second nostril pierced. It is now stunningly good to her face and again she inquired about my desire to have my nose pierced. In this, her mother also joined and promised to give multi stone studs to me if I am ready for nostril piercing. My wife asked me to decide faster. Initially I refused thinking how others would react to this.

After few days I decided to have these nose ornaments (since I was also fascinated on seeing others nose piercings)and told my wife to arrange for these, if she has no inhibition. She informed her mother, who in turn asked whether I was ready for this. When I said yes,

she called her friend to my house who is working in the nearby jewelery shop.

The lady came with a box and asked for whom the piercing was to be done. When my wife pointed out me, she was surprised for few minutes and then got it confirmed from me also about the process. Then she asked me to sit on the floor and took out a big needle to pierce my nose. Mean while few more ladies from my neighbor houses also arrived to our house, on seeing the lady from the jewelery shop.

I was little nervous then, since every ladies eyes were on my nose but at the same time enjoying the good feeling in me. My wife marked the point on my nose and then the lady pushed the needle gently on to my nose from one side to the other. The needle came out from the other side but the pain was unbearable. Then she put the multi stone nose studs on both sides plus the septum ring.

The lady and the neighbors all suggested to pierce my ear lobes also, as otherwise mere nose studs may not look nice. To comply with their suggestion I said 'yes' and piercer lady completed my ear piercings also. When I saw my face in the mirror after these piercings, it is looking really good. Every other ladies were praising me for this bold decision to please my wife.

My wife is insisting me to wear them regularly, and I have made it a point to wear all these jeweleries whenever occasions demand like festivals, marriage and other holidays.

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