nose stud shinning in my nose

when i was a 3 year boy my mom use to keep nose stud near my nose in front of mirror which looks nice to me so i started asking my mom to do the shame often which makes me more interest in my mind so i forced my mom to pierce my nose so i can wear nose stud always but my mom refused because iam a boy of aged 6 but i cried for 2 days with eating anything so my mom took me to one old lady and said to pierce my nose she pierced my right nose with chewing needle i asked my mom to remove her besari nose stud which is with thick stem my mom said i cant have imediate but i never stoped crying so my piercing size increased with thick thorn and behind the thorn besari was pussed in and inner thread fixed by old lady i satarted laughing on seeing in the mirror that time my mom got studs in her both nose so i again started crying my asked me what for i said iwanr my left nose also one more stud like you she laughed and said i will remove now itself dont cry then the old lady pierced my left nose in same method and fixed stud in left nose then we both returned home all our neighbour started critizizing my mom for made me to wear big studs in my nose but i answered every one its all my wish every one laughed at me from that day i started admiring me in the mirror every one use pinch my nose stud daily which makes me more joy in me after 8 years i changed my school there every one laughed at me so i felt shy and i asked my mom to remove my nose studs next day every one said my nose looks ugly with big holes both sides so they all suggusted me to wear the studs again so in the same day evening i asked my mom to replece my nose in my nose she laughed at me and said you are the boy with big nose stud in both nose at this age i asked her what can i do she replied until your marriage you can have in your nose after that if your wife liked than no problem other wise you should remove i shaked my head ok

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