Nose ring type dilema

by Robyn

I've had my nose pierced for two months. My piercer used a bone type stud once it was done. That worked great until the swelling subsided. It would constantly slide outward until the little ball on the inside would prevent it any further, so it looked like the stud was always falling out. I tried the self bendable type (sterling silver) & corkscrew style - didn't like those & found a shorter bone type, but it was sterling silver as well. I never had problems with tarnishing, but didn't want to take any chances, so I removed it. When taking it out, the little ball apparently wasn't as smooth as the one used by my piercer & it pulled the lining of the hole out as it was removed. Needless to say this was painful. I do have a surgical steel ring which is quite comfortable, but frowned on at work. Since I feel like I'm back to square one with healing, I would like to put something in that I can leave in constantly. I do have a gold stud (with a rounded solid back) that was used to pierce my daughters ears when she was a baby, would that work? It seems to fit, since there isn't any swelling.

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