Nose piercing

by Sreya

I have a wish to have a nose piercing till the age of ten.But my parents were
not in support of nose piercing.Now I am 20 yrs old.Now I am in college ,so one day along with my best friend Riya
I went to market and she asked me to get my nose pierced as she was going to
the piercer to get a second lobe piercing.I can't refuse her as I want it till many years.So I said yes to her
and we went to a jewellery shop.She select some ring for her and I selected
a nose ring for me.Then we went to the piercer first she got her ear piercing done then my nose piercing done on left side.It is little painful but I enjoyed it a lot.Now my mom also happy to see me with a nose ring and now she also got a nose piercing on left side and wearing a medium sized stud. I like it very much.

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