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Nose Piercing Signs of Infection

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nose piercing signs of infection

The Nose Piercing Signs of Infection should resemble those of any other body piercing infection. You should anticipate some redness and pain in the area as your piercing goes through the initial phases of healing, which typically take two to four weeks.

However, you should be cautious if you detect redness that is followed by swelling and perhaps even pus leakage. When you touch the skin, it will be extremely sensitive and may even bleed. The good news is that nose piercing infection care is quite straightforward, and you can start infection treatment on your own. However, if it persists for more than a week, you should consult a doctor.


Some Nose Piercing Signs of Infection are:

More pain than usual or intense pain or throbbing
Swelling or redness around the piercing site
Abnormal odor coming from the piercing site
Pus oozing from the piercing site (white pus may indicate a mild infection, while green or yellow pus may indicate a more serious infection)
Burning sensations or blistering feelings around the piercing

If you notice any of these signs, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to get proper treatment and prevent complications. 

How To Avoid an Infected Piercing

The majority of infections occur in the initial weeks or months following a piercing. Bacteria on the piercing instrument, the jewellery, or the piercer's hands could all cause an infection at the time of the piercing. Compared to healed skin, bacteria can penetrate an open wound more easily.

Visit a piercing shop with a good reputation and sanitary procedures to prevent infection when getting pierced. Wearing disposable gloves and washing and drying their hands before starting the piercing are recommended.

Either single-use or autoclave-sterilized instruments should be used by your piercer. They must also use a fresh needle for each piercing, which is essential. Or, use a fresh, single-use cassette with a piercing pistol to pierce your ear.

Before you touch your piercing after you get home, wash your hands. Until the piercing has healed, adhere to the piercer's cleaning guidelines.

Pierces of any age can develop an infection. For instance, microorganisms from unclean hands, jewellery, or skin might spread to your piercing.

How Does a Doctor Treat a Piercing That Is Infected?

The doctor may recommend antibiotics for an infected piercing depending on the piercing's location and your symptoms. The antibiotic can be a lotion that you apply to the affected area with clean hands. Your doctor could suggest oral medicines to stop the infection from spreading.

If you have antibiotics at home, don't use them because they aren't all created equal. The optimum form of antibiotic for your particular ailment will be suggested by the doctor.

It's essential to take antibiotics for the duration recommended by your doctor. Your infection can come back if you discontinue your medication course before the suggested period.

Treatment and Care

Prevention is the best cure; that's a truism that applies to any part of your body. That being said, you can protect your piercing by taking the following simple precautions:

  • Never touch a piercing without first washing your hands.
  • Check to see whether the jewellery is causing an allergic reaction in you. Remove the metal if it doesn't match your skin tone.
  • Apply a little layer of antibacterial ointment to the region before bed and before you leave the house to keep the piercing clean.
  • Wait until the drainage slows down if you find pus. Then, once a week, you can slightly reposition the piercing. Moving it more frequently will make the infection in the nasal ring worse.
  • Avoid pulling on your nose jewellery when washing or wiping your face.
  • To prevent scarring, adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer.
  • Applying alcohol-based cleansers near the wound is not recommended.
  • Similarly, you should refrain from applying makeup near the piercing.
  • Never use your nails to pick at the scab.
  • Swimming pools should be avoided because they increase the risk of nose piercing infection.
  • Above all, keep in mind that the best defense against infections is routine hygienic wound washing with a non-irritating substance and following basic hygiene procedures. A sterile saline solution is what we advise.

Source: Healthline,


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