Nose piercing pride

by Sara

Iam sara,just married 1 month husband usually like nose piercing trend and he has pierced both his ears during his college days,he's wearing diamond stud that suits him well.few days after marrage he said that if u wear diamond nose studs, u ll be stunning but visualising that pain i said no and so he stopped that fine saturday he brought a cute diamond nose stud and said that pain ll be momentry but ll add life time beauty he also brought a piercer with him.i was embarrased and agreed so as not to upset my husband,i sat infront of the piercer in a comfortable sofa,my husband was standing behind the piercer took position with his needle i fainted and tried to stand but my husband held my hands from behind and piercer took his needle as he touched my nostril i screamed and closead my eyes,the piercer forced the needle through my nosetrils and put the stud on there after all this i opened my eyes,at once i saw the stud glittering in my nose in the mirror which my husband was holding in front of me,it was much painful but i pleased my husband and i too like this and i have brought some more new studs for special occasions:)

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