Nose piercing for dare

by Shabe
(In my bed)

Wen I was 18 I was with a few friends and we all decided to get piercings and we all didnt no wat to get and we didn't have that much money either so we decided to play truth or dare and it landed on me and my mate asked me truth or dare so I picked dare and my mate said I dare u to pierce ur nose and i was like no way so we carred on playing BT that night wen everyone had gone home I didn't want to mention this to anyone BT I had wanted my nose pierced so previously I had brought myself some nose studs so that night I got two of the nose studs and got a needle and pierced my nose both sides 2 weeks went by and no one noticed cause I put clear studs in BT one day wen we were playing rugby one of my mates noticed and they asked me wen I did and I said bout 2 1/2 weeks ago it was on the night we played truth or dare and wen u all went home I did it then BT I didn't want to tell u that I wanted my nose pierced so u I did it

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