Nose piercing fail

by Brianna Castro

Ok so I waited 3 years to get my nose pierced and my daddy finally agreed to take me. I'm 14. So we went to the piercing salon about a week before to get the notary form and find out info about the piercing salon and how they do it. So...the day finally gets here when I go to get it pierced. I had my best friend, mom, and dad with me. The piercer brought me over to a huge glass table with studs on it..and I picked a blue studded corkscrew (18 gauge). After that the piercer led us all tto the back room and told me to have a seat. She washed my nose with a bunch of diffrent stuff then told me to get comfy. She cleaned my nose out with a cotton swab, then put the receiving tube into my left nostril. She told me to dip my head and to hold very still, but don't hold my breath. She told me to take a deep breath in , and then when I let it out, it was done. It felt like a sharp pinch, but it was bearable. So , after the needle was sittin in my nose, she went to get the jewelry to put it in, and my phone went off! my mom was recording on it so we got the whole thing on video. The piercer got REALLY mad that my phone went off but we all started laughing. It was really funny. My nose piercing hurt alot more then my bellybutton piercing. and then after 20 mins I honestly didnt even feel it anymore (:

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