Nose piercing are beautiful.

by Meg

I wanted for a long time to get a nose piercing, but something always stood in the way: work, my phobia of pain, my parents ( they declared that I was not a bull and didn't need to pierce my nose). Well finally on 17th birthday my older sister declared she would take me to get it done ( and she asked my parents and they agreed). I was SO nervous specially because I had heard from a lot of people how painful it was. I carried on through and got it done, and let me tell you so far I am over the moon with it :) While this was my personal experience I believe this might help squash any fears people have of getting this piercing done. A. I am not going to lie - it hurt a LOT when first done and my eyes watered like crazy but after the piercing was in I honestly didn't feel too much pain, kinda just a stiffness? I am a person with a very low pain threshold too.
B. If you want your piercing to stay, CARE, CARE and more care. I would say to defiantly use a care solution to ensure your piercing stay beautiful, clean and bacteria free.

If you are willing to put in a bit of effort you end up with a wonderful looking piercing! oh and now even my mum likes it!

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