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Dec 30, 2016
moms nose piercing NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am Ajith from Trivandrum. Works in MNC. I am going to tell about my mom's nose and ear piercings. My mom is now aged 45 house wife.about my mom she had only pierced her ears. And wears anklets and toe rings in her feet.Dad works abroad. I was so curious about nose pierced ladies. I always fantasizing about mom wearing nose studs. Since I am only son to mom and dad ,me and Mom were like friends.on that year her birthday is came asked her about giving a gift" mom for your birth day what present you needed"
" I am always happy with any thing you give"
" Then how about a diamond nosestud for your nose"
" In this age I didn't want nose stud".
" But mom you said,u may happy what whati will present to you"
" Ajith, in my younger days I liked nose studs but now". She hesitated.
" Don't be hesitate mom it will looks nice on your nose".
" Then OK,"
Two days after her birthday when gone to a jewellery shop and bought nose stud and a set of earstuds. The shop had gold smith . Then we gone to him and mom told him that she have to pierce her nose. She sat infront of her and I given the studs to him. Then she saw the 3 studs. She asked me" what these extra studs"
" This is for your ears mom"
"But I only want to pierce my nose"
"It will be OK mom"
Then the goldsmith told" mam you have a such a a loving son, who bought you jewelleries"
Mom told" yes but I only need to pierce my nose"
" Don't be shy mam, today morning a lady got her third ear piercing with her daughter, she was also at you age. Now a days ladies ladies are likes piercings"
" Oh that's cool" I thought mom interested with his words.
Then he started to pierce her nose on leftside, she had a long nose,within a minute he pierced mom's nose her eyes got watered, then he put the inner screw and tighten it. Then he pierced mom's ear and put the diamond studs. I looked at her face it's shining.after reaching home.she change dress and came back and told me" Ajith look at me is the nose stud is different" first I couldn't notice any any difference. So I take a close view of her nose. Then I saw the piercer he pierced her nose very lower end of her nostril so that the inner screw is visible even she just put her heads up. I told her" mom he pierced very lower part"
" Yes, now what I am going to do is remove this"
" Mom it's OK, is you noticed the position while he pierced"
" No that's my fault"
" OK then remove it" I felt sad about her ,because she loves the stud.
" So tomarrow go to the shop and remove it"
" Will you come with me"
" Off course mom"
Next day,after my work we gone to the same jewellery shop, and reached the goldsmith and mom told the incidents to him. He apologized mom and said sat infront of him.he inspected mom's nose and said" mam, it's not a problem I will remove the stud and pierce it on the exact position"
" No you just remove it, I have no idea to pierce again"
" Mam,it's just a minute thing"
I also agreed his opinion.and told mom" mom it's simple ,don't waste the stud" that she impressed my opinion. She agreed. So the piercer removed the stud and pierced the exact position. Now her nosestud is perfect. But the old pierced hole tired in inred colour. Mom asked the piercer"how long it will heal"
" Mam, the piercing will usually heals in,one month, but the old pierced mark will be there"
"Oh that would be bizzare".
" You have a remedy mam,you just buy another stud for the old hole".
" This is too much, I didnt want any more"
I told mom" oh mom that's a good idea"
She said no. So didn't done that time. After one month day came for leave. He liked mom's new attire. One day when we having food I asked her " mom why your nose still red"
She told" the old pierced hole didn't healed"
Dad asked her about that, she told her piercing incident. Then he said" I think the piercers idea was cool"
" Yes dad, but mom won't"
Two days later,when I came after job, mom was there, I reached her then noticed her now she have stud on the old hole. I asked her " mom you put stud in the old hole"
" Yes Ajith, dad bought this to me, not just this and a new set of ear studs also" she pulled Bach her hair. And her new pierced cartilage.
" Oh that's nice" she smiled at me. By two months mom's attire is really changed with two nose studs and two new ear piercings. While I am lying on her lap I likes the view of her nose, because I can see the stem of two nose studs inside her nose

Sep 23, 2011
That's fine
by: NiceLady

Piercings can heal over especially delicate nose ones so if she changes her mind it's perfectly fine. Also, the piercing has a lot of cultural meaning and that could be a reason for early age piercing. A lot of people get their children's ears done even when they're babies, why not the nose? The only concern I'd have would be them fiddling with it.

Sep 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

wtf shes a baby y would you do that regaurdless if it looks cute bad idea

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