Nose pierced 1 month ago and I hadn't notice it fallen out while sleeping/put it back in myself.

by Elesse
(Augusta, Ga, USA)

So, I had nose pierced a month ago and the piercer gave me the stud that was bended. I've done had this thing fall out 3 times but I got it back in within 5 minutes, so my hole wasn't closed at all. And I've tried the hoop too, after getting it in I got that ratchet bump but a few days later I put the stud back in and the bump started going away. Well this morning I woke up and hadn't notice my nose ring fell out. I had done got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, took 30 minutes to make breakfast, ate for 30 minutes (I eat slow), made hot chocolate, smoked a cigarette, and THEN noticed my piercing was out. And I couldn't find my stud with the bended bar. So I had to use a hoop that I drowned in anti bacterial soap and I still had my little hole on top of my nose. I had to force the nose hoop in about halfway through. But keep in mind the hoop needle isn't sharp and had the nose been completely healed and closed towards the bottom, that hoop wouldn't have went through. Or maybe it would, idk. Took about a minute or 2 to force it through since I was panicking and it did hurt a little, but no where near the initial piercing and it bled a little. Literally only a little. I cleaned it with the anti bac. Soap and eventually found the stud in my bed. Once I found it I sterilized it and left some of the anti bac. Soap on when putting it through

my nose in case the hoop was a unsafe option, it would clean whatever infection was forming. Anyway I cleaned it again with the soap and warm water and left it alone for 30 minutes. Then I boiled hot water and salt and after letting the warm cool enough to where it was warm, I use cotton swaps to clean the area with. I took some of the bar out the front end and cleaned the bar and stuck it back through so the salt will clean inside the wound. Then I used a different swap to clean inside my nose w/ sea salt water. Then I repeated these steps w/ alcohol. Then I repeated it with anti bacterial soap. Then finally used tissue and warm water to clean the outside and inside and also again pulling some of the bar out, putting warm water on it, then push it through to clean inside the wound. After this was done, some of the swelling went down. And it wasn't really sore to begin with, but it helped with whatever soreness their was. I don't recommend this at all but I'll keep you guys updated in the next few days. I didn't have $40 for it to be repierced. I managed with what I could. If it starts to form any infection, I'll let you guys know. But I think I pretty much got rid of those chances lol. Again, don't recommend but if you're like me, you're stubborn and gonna want to do it yourself and these were the steps I took and I'll let you know whether or not it was okay to do. Good luck.

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