My wife pierced my ears and nose

by Ajay khwatra
(Alwar rajasthan)

I'm a good looking man from Alwar in Rajasthan, I'm 35 years old and was divorced 2 years ago and now married for the 2nd time. My new wife is very beautiful but she's 5 years older than me. Even her's is 2nd marriage. I'm into Jewellery business and I buy Rajasthani Jewellery from here and sell it to wholesalers in Mumbai and other metropolis.
My wife is a typical Rajasthani girl, her name is Shilpa, who's fond of wearing ornaments all the time, she wears 3 Earrings in each of her ears, she has a Nosering on her left nose, her bangles will match the dress every day, wears a thick Rajasthani Payal with a lot of Ghungroo's, Toe rings, Arm bands in each of her arm, Waist band. She always has Kajal in her eyes and lipstick on her lips. She wears Lehenga Choli or Sarees and my God she looks hot.
During my College days in Jaipur, I had learned Kathak but after my first marriage I was made to stop by my wife as she felt it wasn't for men to dance wearing Ghungrroo's.
One day Shilpa and self had gone to see a Classical dance performance in an auditorium close to our house, there was 2 performance, one by a girl and the other by a boy. I was excited and really enjoyed the show. Although, my wife knew about my Kathak, she saw my excitement during the show. That night when we were in our bed watching TV, she came close to me and asked me about the show and I replied that I really enjoyed, she said I observed that and looks like as if you still crave for this dance. I said yes, then she told me that " why don't you start Kathak again, you like it and you would look nice with those Ghungroo's on your feet. I will find a teacher for you who can come to our house and teach you, what do you think? " Upon hearing this my heart skipped a beat and I replied " are you sure? Would you like to see your husband doing Kathak." She said why not. I was so excited that I started blushing like a small kid.
Next day while I was in the office, I got a call from my wife saying that she found a Kathak teacher, a Lady who can come to our place to and start my dance training. Her name was Anuradha, around 40 years of age and she was more

than happy to teach a Male. Next day we were supposed to go to her house to reconfirm the day and the time, my wife made me wear a Churidhar Kurta Pyjama, White colour and a red dupatta. Anuradha was beautiful, slip and slender, she moved with grace and Lachak. She was also well decked up, had thick Payal just like my wife. We instantly connected and she joked with my wife saying that your husband already looks like a Kathak dancer even without his Ghungroo's. we decided to start after a couple of days immediately after my Ghungroo's were ready.
My first class was in our house, Anuradha was a good teacher and she mentioned to my wife that your husband is good but he needs to more feminine. My wife said should we make him wear some Jewellery, Anuradha said that would be Fabulous if he agrees, my wife went inside and got her Jewellery box, she pulled out a pair of clip-on Jhumka's and put it on me, then the teacher said what about a Nathani, it will really look nice on him because he's so good looking, my wife pulled one Nosering a clip-on and put on my left nose. Both the ladies looked at me with envious and complimented me. I was speechless, the light sound of my Ghungroo's was adding to the flavour, they then took me to the bedroom and made me sit in front of the dressing table, applied Kajal in my eyes, put lipstick and a big bindi on my forehead. OMG! I was looking amazing, Anuji tied my dupatta round my waist and said now he looks like 100% Kathak dancer.
Next day both of them took me to a Goldsmith, Anuji knew them. One of the girls came and pierced both my ears and fixed Earrings in my ears, Anuji told my wife that it's better that he also wears a nathani because only a nosering will make a girl out of a boy. To my surprise my wife was carrying a Nathani with her and the girl pierced my left nose and fixed the nose ring, I was shy and wanted to cover my face while walking outside but Anuji and my wife refused and let me be myself. All 3 of us went home, both these ladies invited a girl home for applying Mehendi in both my palm. I was so shy but they didn't relent saying that from today they want me living more like a girl than a boy. My transformation had begun.

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