my wife made me to wear nose stud

I got married last month one night we watched nose piercing in google in that many guys got their nose pierced this made my wife to change my appearence she took one fake nose stud and placed in my nose it looks more bright in my face like that she made every night my sil came to my room one morning and she noticed my nose on that day after noon they both decided to pierce my nose and in the evening they planned to pierce my nose but i avoided them this made them angry while sleeping they tied my hands back and forcly pierced my nose i shouted them by using bad words on hearing the words from me they pierced my other side nose also and made me to wear for one month with my hands tied they arranged all my food and every thing so i ant remove my nose studs atlast i promised them i wont remove from my hands then they untied me still now for more than 4 years sace with nose studs4 years iam with nose studs but they are changing the models now i like my f

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