my upanayanam and nose piercing

by Rahul sharma


I am a boy from a very conservative family and i recently had the upanayanam ceremony done on me. I was very reluctant and hesitant about it, but my mom and elder sister, forced it on me.The ceremony was to be done in a very conservative and traditional style, unlike most upanayanam ceremonys that are done today.

My elder sister, Kavita was very particular that every ritual had to be done, this list was very long and included shaving off my head, various piercings and making me a celibate. Many months before the ceremony itself I was banned from getting haircuts so that i would have long hair during the ceremony. I was very scared and resisted, but it was futile as she had full control over me. The time for my ceremony came very quickly and my hair had reached beyond my shoulders.

Also the details of the ceremony were kept secret as kavita and mom knew that i would complain even more and i would sulk. And finally the day arrived. I was very nervous and in a way excited as i was sure i would be given a total makeover and my life would be completely different. Finally the day was very close a lot of shopping bags and stuff were present and i realized something big was going to happen.

On the day before the ceremony itself a lot of rituals were happening and i was at the centerstage and a lot of relatives had come. The first shock came soon. I was led into a room to change my attire. My sis was waiting for me there and got me undressed. After being undressed completely, she said that i was to be without clothes for the rest of the ceremony, till the end of the next day. I was extremely shocked and i became shy. She led me out of the room , to the centerstage and i blushed red as everyone saw me. The priest performed some rituals and i was locked away in a room till morning.

Next day i was wokenup early, when everyone was waiting for me. At the centre stage my sis was waiting for me and a barber was in front of her. I was made to sit in her lap and she bent my head forward. My hair was center parted and made into into 2 plaits and plenty of oil was applied. Then i felt the burning sensation of the razor on my scalp as the barber tonsured me.

My sister held me tightly, i couldnt even turn my head. Soon i was half bald. I was asked to sit in the other lap of my sister. The shaving continued, the barber left a top knot of hair , and shaved rest of my head. Kavita ran her hands over my bald head. She ordered the barber to shave me again as my head was still not smoothly shaven.

She again bent my head forward and the barber shaved with full force, my scalp was on fire. My sister warned me that even if i shook a little bit, she would punish me severely. Soon my scalp was smooth as glass. Next it was my bath, where all the girls and ladies surrounded me and publicly bathed me. It took quite some time as every girl bathed me.

Then i was led back to the centerstage, where my sister was again waiting for me. I was made to sit on her lap again. She quickly grabbed my hands and held them tightly behind me. A woman was sitting before us, and she was heating needles in a coal stove. I realized that the i was going to be pierced, but i did not know which part of me would be piereced. My sister had an evil smile and told me coldly that if i cried she would spank me.

The needles became red hot. My cousin sister can nearby and held my bald head tightly. Her grip was steel tight. Then i saw the earrrings, and i got another shock, it was bridal earrings, which were very long, ornamental and heavy and not for boys. Soon the red hot needles made contact with my ear lobes, the woman did not just pierce my ears with the needles, but left the needles in my ear lobe. She did the same for my other ear and after 5 minutes removed the needles from both the ears. Then the earrings were inserted into the newly created holes. The weight of the earrings on the fresh wounds of the hole was too painful and i began sobbing uncontrollably.

My sister immediately made my lie face down on her lap. She spanked me till i was sore. Then i was placed in her lap once more. The woman started heating the needles again. I was taken aback as i was going to be pierced once more. My cousin sister once i again held the sides of my tonsured

head. Her long red nails held my bald head with a vice like grip. one sudden move and her nails would effortlessly scratch and bleed my clean shaved head.

From the corner of my eye, i could see gold nose rings being given to the woman. The nose rings were 2 in number, were very ornamental and very feminine. It had a "hanging" portion just like earrings.

My sister marked the spot in my left and right nostril. The needles had become red hot, the woman casually took the needles and shoved them through the spot on the left nostril. The pain and burning sensation was unbearable, i just wanted to shift my head, which was promptly stopped by my cousin sister, who gave me a stern look. I could feel the red hot needle enter the skin of my nostril and into the cartilage. It entered the cavity of my nose, and the woman instead of removing the needle , left it there, causing the hole in my nose to actually expand.

Then she came to my right nostril and i went through the whole torture once more. This time the woman removed the needles quickly and tried to insert the noserings, but it wouldnt go inside, the freshly pierced hole was too small. So the needle had to be heated all over again and she had to pierce my nose once more. I began to get restless.

My Cousin sister lifted me from my sisters lap and lay me across her lap. I was lying head up on her lap. I felt like a baby. She spread my legs as far as possible. My legs were promptly held tightly apart by my sister. My hands were bound. I could smell the needles becoming extremely hot, they were literally glowing. I knew what was going to happen next. The woman carefully used the glowing needles to expand the holes . My sister was giving a sly smile at me. I dint know what more she had in store for me. Was she going to get me even more piercings..

The nose rings were inserted into the holes. They were so long that from my nostrils the hanging part of the nose rings touched my lips and it was very irritating. Just like my earrings, my noserings also swung even if i shook my head a little bit.

Then a set of bangles and anklets adorned me. Then my sister brought my clothes, which turned out to be a tiny one piece loin cloth. She tucked in the cloth in my girdle that i wore. The cloth did not cover anything and i was still blushing and shy as everyone could see between my legs.

Then my sister took a bit of glue and applied it behind the screw of my earrings . she also slid her slender fingernails in my nostrils and applied glue on the screw of my noserings. She claimed that the glue was waterproof. When i tries to unscrew it, i realized it was impossible. Thus i was stuck with earrings and noserings hanging gracefully from my ears and nose respectively.

As a final shock, my sister placed a mirror in front of me. It was not a guy but a girl who was bald that stared at me from the mirror. Just the feminine jewelry had tranformed me completely. I started crying, but a tight slap from kavitha shut me up. She applied makeup and made me even more feminine. I felt like a bride and after quite some time my "marriage" was completed.

I was very uncomfortable with my dangling earrings and noserings as they tugged on the unhealed piercings. But after a couple of weeks it was completely healed. I actually started enjoying the tingling movement of my earrings and noserings. Even a tiny movement of my head would cause them to shake wildly and i liked the feeling very much.

My Elder sister told me that she is going to keep the nose and earrings on me for 2 years. I feel to her feet and got her blessings and confided that i actually like my jewelry and whether i could keep them for more them 2 years.

My sister agreed and extended the time to 5 years. In another ritual my sister, got me another set of ear piercings and she pierced my septum as well. The only thing i dont like is that, my sister shaves my head regularly, as she wants me to be bald. If any one also is having a traditional upanayanam done on them, my advice is to embrace it and not resist. And you can actually ask your mother / sister or who ever is conducting the ceremony to pierce your nose as well. Its extremely painful but worth it.

Just yesterday Kavitha gifted me a pair of hook chandelier earrings which are gracefully swinging as I type this. She has promised to get me a pair of diamond noserings as well.

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