my septum piercing

I got a perfect shape nose and its empty so my husband arranged nose stud on both sides and septum ring also with drops it looks sexy for my face he gave lot of kiss and he he pierced all 3 sides of my nose and fixed all those nose jewels and said he want to see me always like this so iam with all side of my nose glittering and having a peaceful life and he lives me very much and became nose fetish i like this

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Mar 21, 2017
Unsolicited Christmas presents NEW
by: Anonymous

Last year I was at a Christmas party, where I met Flora and her husband Bill. She had a big hole in her septum for years already, and last year she had her nipples done. Proudly she showed off that they were big holes !
A friend showed a collection of rings that he had for sale. Flora admired some really big ones , just plane gold, like a wedding band for a giant !
Her husband encouraged her to try them on. She always loved to show off her body, so in no time she was busy pushing them through her nipples.
"And now a septum ring too"... Alcohol seduced enthusiasm made her do it...
She had seen that those rings were with a permanent closure.
"Close 'em up", she yelled.
The guy looked at her husband for approval. He nodded his head giving his consent...
In a few seconds They were permanently part of her body ...! !
She showed it all around to the crowd, getting another drink... Eventually she passed out...
Much later I heard that the next day she wanted them out...!
But she was stuck with them and is still wearing them today !
She is now well known for the big shiny septum ring... The nipple rings are a (public) secret !

Oct 24, 2013
Pierced nose jewellery NEW
by: Anonymous

Nose is the most important and prominent part of the face.Nose studs on both ewnostrils makes the woman attractive and if the septum is also decorated with a jewel such as bullaku/addabasa it makes a complete decoration of nose .Tradition says that a woman should not keep bare her nose.It is auspicious for woman to wear nose studs.The air exhaled is toxic and not good for the husband.Nose studs made of gold add beauty to the woman's face beside purifying breath.

Feb 23, 2013
It is worth NEW
by: Anonymous

sister, what you wrote is absolutely true. once you got nose stud you will feel more attraction to your husband. it is very sexy and it attract your husband to be with you all the time.

many girls do not know these. you can tell your friends too about this fact.

Enjoy your beautiful life.

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