My Self-Piercing & Professional Piercing Experiences

(Brooklyn, NY)

I first pierced my nose, with a needle and thread, when I was 14 years old. I numbed my nose with ice first. It healed really well. 9 years later, I went to a tattoo shop and got a 2nd ring put in. First the piercer put the needle in my nose, then took it out and literally forced the nosering in. The pain was HORRIBLE. 2 months later I took the nosering out to replace the jewelry and that jewelry fell out (I guess it was too soon for a bone stud ring) then when I tried to put the original ring back in it wouldn't go through. I tried for a full day. Then I decided to re-pierce it myself. I was angry at having lost the piercing that I had spent $30 on... so I got a needle & pierced my nose. I numbed my nose first. After I made the hole with the needle, I attempted to put the nosering in. It was so painful & it wouldn't go through. I kept trying & even pierced my nose with the needle again a total of about 3 times that day, the ring would not go all the way through. So I left it alone. About 5 months later I decided to pierce my nose again using needle and thread. So I did- twice. I now have 3 noserings (all lined up) all that I have done myself with needle and thread. I chose gold thread so that it would blend in with my skin tone and also tied it close to my nose to make it less noticeable. Since I have experienced both self-piercing and "professional" piercing I would definitely say that the needle-and-thread heals much faster and hurts way less since you can numb your nose with ice first. Plus its free!!!

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