my piercings

by Sonya sandiavo

Hi i am Sonya sandiavo from kochin, working as actress Amala Paul's personal stylist. I am very obsessed with piercing from my childhood. That started with my mom's piercings. When I am studying in highschool she got her nose pierced and second ear studs pierced. I loved her new looks. When I am passed high school I got my second ear piercing. And added third pair on very next year. After my marriage I got my nose pierced on rightside. I got my septum pierced in 2016 as a fashion icon because I am a stylist. In this year two months ago I got my lower lip pierced. My 8 year old son he is very curious about my lip and septum piercing. Occasionally he tends to play with my septum ring,and I am loving it. After seeing my septum piercing Amala got inspired she also got her septum pierced.She wears rings occasionally other times she uses retainers. Now I am thinking to pierced my nose on other side. I think my hubby will support me because he motivated me to get my septum and lip piercings.

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