My piercings

I am a boy of 15 years.During my age of 13 I am interested in growing nails and nose piercings.I asked my mother to grow my nails. She gave me permission to grow my nails.Now I have long nails about 2cm projected out on both hands all fingers and long nails in my leg fingers also.But I am feared to ask to pierce my nose.One day I pierced my nose and weare d a stick in it. At night I weared nose studs without seeing my mother.One when I wearing my nose stud I see my mother's gold anklets and toe rings their.With a surprise I weared it also .But I forgot to close door.My mother noticed it and she then took me to a jewellery and bought me a nose stud ,a gold anklet,and two toe rings.My friends surprised me to see me with that.Now I am happy to wear all these.Now I looks for many time to my anklets when I am polishing my nails.I am very proud of wearing it..

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