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My nose piercing is sinking! What do I do?

by Jen

I had that same issue the first time I had my nose pierced. It turned out to be the piercer's fault—he put a nose ring in that wasn't long enough to leave room for swelling. Because of that, when my nose did swell, the post was too short and the gem was too small, so it "sunk in." I tried and tried pushing it up and cleaning it with different solutions, but nothing helped. I took it out, let it heal completely, and went and got it re-pierced later. This time, I researched and found the best tattoo parlor near me. This time, the piercer put in jewelry with a longer post and a bigger gem, and I didn't have the problem at all!

Answer 2
We recommend that you go back to your piercer first, to make sure that your piercing has not become infected and the enlargement is not due to infection or allergy. If there is no infection, and no allergic reaction, then the hole has enlarged for unknown reasons; in any case, you will probably need to get a larger piece of metal or jewelry to wear in the hole that will fill it.

Answer 3
It can depend on several factors…

How old it is? Swelling is normal in the early days of the healing process.
Any Discharge? If the gunk/crust around the piercing is pale and doesn't ooze or smell, this is normal.
What is the Colour? If the piercing site is swollen and purple-ish in colour, it could be a symptom of rejection.
What is the nose ring Position? It may be a cause for concern if the jewellery seems to hang differently (ie: it seems looser or the hole seems to have changed size or shape) and if the piercing has begun to migrate (that is, move away from its initial


Answer 4

If in doubt, always consult a professional piercer. If your skin has just been pierced swelling may occur at your piercing as your body attempts to protect you so inflammation is a natural response. If the swelling persists after about a week, I’d consider taking a closer look at your cleaning process and possibly talking to your doctor if you notice signs of piercing infection. Going back to where you got your nose pierced and talking to your piercer (if possible that is) is also an open option for you to get a professional opinion. Make sure you watch for signs of infection and if you feel pain then it’s likely that your piercing is swollen.

If you think it’s sinking in, you likely won't feel much pain (based on my experience of having had a sinking stud after piercing my nose). If it sinks in, you can tell by how much of it comes out when you push outwards from the inside of the nose. If it is sinking I suggest you swap it out sooner rather than later. A sinking nose stud isn’t the worst thing to happen but it can cause potential problems in the future. I wasn’t able to go to my piercer to get it done, so I switched mine out at home. However, I really wouldn’t suggest doing that. For me, it was fine because I had a clean nose stud readily available to replace the other one and my parents had experience with body piercings and could help me. Instead, I suggest you go to your piercer if possible and get them to switch it out.

Please take good care of your piercing, as I’d hate for you to be left with an infection. Make sure to check up on your piercing and hopefully my response helped you a bit!

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