Iam a soft nature guy so on one condition i allowed my wife to dominate me she should pierce her nose for wearing nose stud big size this made her to use me as she likes one evening she got her nose pierced from me and fixed the stud with multi stone on the next day she made me to wear her saree and all her jewels and made to sleep without removing this happened for 10 days and one sunday morning she tied my hands and legs together and said she wants to pierce my nose and ears now i cant avoid and escape from her i shouted dont pierce my nose then she tied my mouth and called her friend and pierced my ears two sides and placed her studs and then they pierced my nose both sides and two multistone studs placed and fixed with feviquick applied so that it cant be removed any time and after finnishing the process they untied my mouth i shouted both of them this made her friend more hangry and said to pierce my tongue so i cant shout so my wife pierced my tongue and at last they untied my hands and legs i replied i will not remove any stud and will become house husband still now iam with same nose studs for more then 7 years soome times she made me to wear male dress while going tour this makes me more satisfaction hence many girl watcing me very closly which makes me more comfort

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