one day i went to my neighbour aunty house she was in the bath room she kept her nose studs on the table so took them and hided in side my pocket after taking bath she came out and searched her mookuthi atlast i said showed from my pocket she got angry and she took me to her bedroom and tied in a post and said she said she will pierce my nose as a punishment i cried and said i am boy of 10 years how i will go in public but she never cares me after 10 minutes she came back with chewing needle and pierced my nose right side and fixed her multistone mookuthi in my nose my eyes got tears due to pain i shouted and said after untying i will teach you a lesson on hearing this she got angry and she pierced my left nose and inserted her thslluku mookuthi and now i promised her her i wont do her anything even i wont her mookuthi without her permission even if my mom compels me on hearing this she became cool and untied me due to shy i stayed in her her bedroom with two mookuthi being summer holidays i asked her to get permission from my mom to sleep in her house its being very next to my home so my mom never said anything so like that i stayed for 15 days with her she was a widow and single woman and the studs in my nose healed and its free to shake and rotate now my face with nose studs looks familiar for me since i started watching my nose in the mirror always for me it never make any change one evening we both went to a move there all girls started noticing my nose studs and started asking me why you are wearing mookuthi being a boy my aunty said he likes my mookuthi so i made him to enjoy on hearing this they surprised and said now a days even girls are not willing to wear mookuthi but you got it that too both sides it looks very nice on you on 17 th day my mom came to my aunty house to take me to my

grand mom house on seeing me with two mookuthi she got shock and asked the aunty why you made my son like this immediately i replied my mom i only compelled the aunty to pierce my nose because aunty nose studs looks very nice to her this makes me to wear her studs for few days so she srranged but my mom said to remove her studs she removed from my nose but my nose looks ugly with big holes on both the wings even my mom said i am looking ugly without studs so my mom herself asked the aunty to replace in my nose so aunty fixed the studs again in my nose by with smile then my self and my mom went to my grandma house there many relative are present they all laughed at first and said to remove my nose studs my replied without studs my nose will not look nice but they forcely removed and every one answered its true without nose stud its not nice so they themself replaced in my nose so since then there is no problem for my nose studs during my marriage time many girls in my relation not willing to marry me because they should pierce their nose both sides then only it will be matching atlast i got a girl friend while i am shopping i helped her while slipping in the steps she had a look she got surprise and asked me are you really wearing the mookuthi or fake one i said reel one she pulled my studs and noticed inside my nose and saw my thirugani and said she likes my nose studs very much from that time she spent more time with me and she always plays with my mookuthi and after one month she said she wants to marry me i said ok even my mom liked her to get married to me all her relatives commented my nose studs but she never cares about this my mom suggested to pierce her nose imediately she accepeted my moms words and got her nose pierced from my hands and got two mookuthi of same type like me my aunty eyes got tears and praised me for carrying her nose studs since now

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