iam 13 year old guy one day i saw my neighbour aunty taking bath from upstair suddenly she had a look so i get caught and maDE ME to stay in her room and she tied my hands back and said she will make me like a girl so i will no the feeling of a girl by then she pierced my two ears and nose two sides and placed with mookuthis and tightened with fevi quick and she untied my hands i came back with tears ans saw my nose in mirror iam looking so nice i liked my appearance i came back to aunty and sorry and said thanks for putting two mookuthi now we both became friends and i said i will carry your mookuthi untilol my life time she gave many kiss now she arranged my marriage and she gave her daughter who studying in malaysia she gave my photo to her daughter she liked me and got married last month during my first night she asked about my mookuthi i explained thew incident she laughed and said she wants to remove my mookuthi i ssid i wont alow but she replied iam your wife so obey my words then i kept quite she removed my mookuthi in that night next day morning every one said my nose holes not looking nice even she felt the same feeling so while returning from cinema she bought two mookuthi with 18 stones fixed and she herself fixed in my nose in that shop itself every one in the shop admires my nose with mookuthi glitterring and every body adviced my wife also should be with mookuthi then only we will be a matching couple so imediately she also pierced two nose there itself

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