my name Reka (boy) I pierce my nose myself both sides and wearing sticks

by Reka
(chennai )

I don't like to inform my boy name, my school days itself I like girls dresses and ornaments, at my 11th age my parents stopped my studies, and I went for work, at 2003 I myself pierced my both ears and put silver earrings, it was very painful and I was very happy that time, some time after my parents see me with earrings they shouted and tell me to remove,I too removed and put sticks in both ears, I was continue my work, when my parents went out I am very happy, I wear my mother's sarees and earrings,and see before bero mirror it was very movement, but some time I am unsatisfied, I wish to wear MUKUTHI Soonly, two years before I myself pierce my nose and put a stick in that hole my mummy realised that I am having girls feelings, she told that you are interested to live as girl you go out from home, but my daddy nothing say. After some days I pierced my nose next side, now I feel very happy,I want to live like a girl but my situation's is not Favour for me, no person's giving work for transgender boy, all are hating us, Ok this is my story. Note: Mukuthi is very beautiful, so all girls please get your nose pierced, and be more beautiful.

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