Iam 14 studying in chennai i always admire my mom because she got nice studs on her both nose i started asking her to pierce my nose from my 3rd age she not accepted my desire today again i started compelling about my nose piercing suddenly she took me to near by goldsmith made me to sit in front of him said to pierce my right nose and she went to buy a stud with single stone so i got a nice chance i asked the piercer to pierce my nose soon before my mom return he got surprise and said every one will get frighten to get a piercing but you are ready i said dont waste time then he pierced my nose right side and looking for my mom i asked him to pierce left side he asked me why i replied i want both sides so he pierced my left nose also after few minutes my mom came and gave the stud he inserted and asked my mom for other stud then only my mom noticed my nose both side pierced she started laughing and again she bought one more stud and at last we returned home with two studs in my nose before reaching my home many ladies asked my mom why you forced your sun to pierce both nose at this age she turned my side and again started laughing my neighbour girls came close to me and touched my stud to check its real or fake on knowing its real piercing they said they all like my nose with studs and started playing withme from that day many became friend to me and few got their nose pierced on looking me

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