My MIL pierced my septum relectantly

by nidhi devi

Hi I am nidhi from bihar.After three days of married.
MY MIL told me to pierce my septum but I was not ready
for it.MIL was resist to pierce my septum due to gifted
her septum jewelry (bulaki/bullaku) to me.I request to her
and saying that how will I go to collage with septum jewelry ?
As you wish I will more pierce in Ears.she refused and
very angry hear this matter .She told me that she would be
Pierced. After hearing this I was weeping. I asked my husband
about my septum piercing by MIL after that he told his mother
about all problem .MIL told her son this is my family tradition this
jewelry my Mil so that I would pierced her. If she would not
Pierced I would pierced your nose by my mil....
One day morning my mil told me to pierce septum but I do not ready
for it.That day evening my mil call me ,I went there. I saw my mil with
some women, MIL told me sit down I understood the matters just want
back but one woman catch and hold me that time crying and request.
MIL brought a long and thick neddle after that gave it another woman a lot
heat before heat some women laid down me and tightly hold me. My MIL
took heated neddle and hold my septum with fingers and needle put on
the soft part of septum that time burning feel smoothly push it in my septum
that time I was crying like baby, after pierced again Mil removed her bulaki her
septum and needle remove from my septum that time very pain after that put in the new hole but bulaki stem was a little thick so very difficult put bulaki in my septum.I was crying with pain and my nose clourrqr red.
After that i took wish all of them with tears in the eyes. Heavy weighted my septum jewelry .mil told me do not remove any conditions. If remove it I will again pierce with rope. After three week I enjoy with new jewelry.

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