my mil forced to pierce my nose

Last month i got married my husband is very carrying but my mil always creates some problem with me. one frieday removed her two mookuthis for oil bathh imediately i took that mookuthi and kept in my hand bag she came from bathroom and searched her mookuthi she cant find so she plaaced broom stick in her nose. after one week while iam sleeping she she need some cash so she took my bag and took 100 rupees in that time she found her mookuthis inside. suddenly she got angry and she took a rope and tied my hands and legs together and came back with achari and poured water on my face then only i came to know iam tied i asked why you tied me then she showed her mookuthi and said she wants to pierce my nose and fix her mookuthi. AS A PUNISHEMENT ON SEEING HER MOOKUTHI I CANT SAY ANYTHING SO SHE MADE ME TO SIT IN THE BED AND ASKED THE ACHARI TO PIERCE MY NOSE HE PIERCED WITH THICK NEEDLE BECAUSE MY MIL MOOKUTHI GOT BIG STEM. i got my nose pierced on both sides and her mookuthi inserted and tightened with dipping in some paste so it cannot be removed by me with tears i got it on my nose she untied me i saw my face my nose became red and looks nice and matching. my husband came around 9pm and saw my nose with her moms mookuthi and gave me severeal kiss to me and said he like my nose with mookuthi. i thanked my mil and became very carrying to her

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