My marriage life

by swetha

My name is swetha.I got married one year before.Mine was a love marriage.I loved my office colleague who was telugu and his native is vijaywada. From both of our family side there was a great oppose.But atlast they approved due to our sincere efforts and dedication. Actually my mil has decided to marry her son with her brother's daughter who is very rich. Because of me,her whole plan got dropped. So she was very much angry on me. Shee approved our marriage only after taking a promise from her son: We must obey her words everytime and must not oppose her. I dont know about this promise made by him.
on the fixed date our marriage took place very well. As thirupathi was their family temple, we were taken there immediately on the same day. We lodged to the cottage which was already booked. We were allotted a separate room as we were newly married. My mil came and instructed me to get ready wearing a new silk saree which she gave. She then took my hubby out and started discussing something for which he opposed. But I dint hear them exactly as I don’t know telugu. He then came inside and asked me to obey his mom as they dont have any other way. He explained his word of promise before our marriage. He also added that the whole family are planning to tonsure me in order to purify me before we tend to have physical relationship. I was stunned and stood there blind. I cant imagine me getting head shave. Also he added that they gonna perform some purification function for me in their house after my shave. Then my mil entered and asked me to get ready. I was told to take head bath. A barber was called to our cottage. I came there wearing a new silk saree. My mil kept some jasmine flowers adorning my hair. With head down I sat down infront of barber. My husband stood there lifeless and helpless too. The barber took the blade and start sharpening it. He asked me whether I am ready. I nodded my head. He started shaving my head. I saw my bunch of hair falling on my lap and I started crying slowly. My husband came and holded my hands tightly. His mom shouted at him as her tone itself revealed even though I don’t know her language. And he stood up giving a awful look at his mom for trapping us. Mean time I was fully shaved and I was bald. She again asked me to shave

once again for getting a smooth a shave. After that she applied sandal paste on my scalp and was taken directly for dharsan.
I can see my husband crying seeing my bald look. After dharsan we went to railway station to catch the train. Mean time they dint give us any space to talk to each other. We reached their house by midafternoon. I can see some of their family members waiting there along with their family pandit. I can see that all started laughing at my back seeing my bald look. I felt humiliated. Then my fil asked his son to get blessing from all elders. Everyone touched my bald head for blessing. Then mil asked me to sit before pandit where he is doing some ohmam. He then asked me to take bath and tie the saree which he gave. So I went in and took head bath and wearing the saree came out. He then called someone and said something pinpoionting me. He noded his head and said something to mil. She then gave a jewellery box and she started to adorn all jewelleries on me. Atlast she marked my left side nose with some black ink and moved off. Only after seeing the big nose ring kept there I understood that they are planning to pierce my nose. But I cant do anything. I just saw my husband and put my head down. The man sharpened the thick needle and heated it in the ohmam flame. While I saw him approaching towards me with needle to pierce I started to move my head back in fear. Seeing this my mil holded my bald head and the man started pushing the needle with great force. With great difficulty he inserted the nose pin and started screwing it tightly. It took around half an hour for him to put that big nose pin for
me. Then again they asked me to get blessing from all which I obliged. Also they have declared that I must be bald for at least six months and must wear the nose ring permanently which I heard from my husband later. They have instructed to get me shaved once in a week in any nearby temple.

Daily my mil used to arouse fight between us. Because of losing the opportunity of getting a rich girl for her son, she used to compare me and that girl in every instance. Now only I heard that all that head shave and nose piercing ceremony has been done to take revenge on me from their one of the relative

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