my long hair and nose ring turns me into girl

by karunakar
(andhra pradesh)

Hi friends, iam karuna kar from a.p.I lives in small village.Iam only son to my parents. my head shave ritual didn't perform upto 10years of my age due to poverty.At the age of 5, my hair length is below hips.My parents joined me in govt school.My mom made my hair into two plaits and fold itself as girl's hair style. Everyone in our colony and school members considered me as girl.My cousin sister(two years older than me) dresses are wore by me because of my family backgroundDue to this i wore langa jacket, frocks etc at home. In school days i wore only uniform. so that everyone called me as karuna(girl).At the age of 7, my hair reaches to my knee length.My hair is longer than my sister's hair.Everyone saw my hair and feel jealous.This continuous till the age of 10.After completed my 5th class,my head shave was done.from that i enjoy the normal life till my 10th class. Aftermy 10th exams, i went to my cousin sister's house for enjoy summer holidays.There are all relatives are called me as karuna and treated as girl.except my aunt family all relatives are treating me as girl and discussed my long hair.At that time i feel very shy infront of them.I returned back to parents said to me stop the further studies and support for us, i agreed this due to poverty.After 2 months my father form a general store at home, there my work is collecting money.This work is suited to me.One fine day i have to go for doesn't allow me to cut my hair,because she likes me in long hair and had no daughter.I opposed, later my dad convince me(inner i had very happy).i said ok.After 5-6months my hair reaches above my shoulder.Daily mom made my hair into pony tail with tight rubber band.Many people saw me in shop appreciate my hair style.After one year my hair reachesbelow shoulders.till i wore ponytails,after finished my work untied my hair and made into bun.During 1 1/2 year my hair become as same as my sister's hair.I have no facial and body hair after that i had some skin allergy because of this i had bath with turmeric daily. After two years, my hair reaches mid back length.At one fine day, mom celebrated my 17th b'day.Early morning i wake up, my mom and me went to temple and do pooja.Pujari given me a flower, i put it on my ear.He said no no,girls put it on their laughed and put it on my hair.Returned to home at 6am and had breakfast.Mom told me to sitdown and i will make your hair style.I was surprised,my hair always styled there itself.I sat down folding my legs and putting my hands around my pulled my hair back oh, super feeling.Mom started braiding my hair.I was shying and said mom please no, she said it is best for easy to carry.After 15min, mom braided my hair and gotup.I went to mirror and saw me in the mirrormy hair was styled into long braid upto hips.I wore gean pant and white shirt, entered into shop.customers saw me in this attire treated me as she instead of he(customers all are neighbours).Next day i wore normal pony tail as folded itself like small pony.Evening time i helped to my mother.One day we went to relatives marriage, i was ready as boy with pony tail.It was very many people considered as iam girl because of my hair and white skin with good figure.After one year, my parentscelebrated my 18th b'day due to we got good income.Two months before mom and neighbours told me that pierce my ear and nose.I opposed that,but it is quite common our village boys with ear piercing.But internally i have to do that.After one month, my parents went to relative marriage.Before they going, mom put oiling my hair and made into heavy bun .Iam in night pant, t-shirt.Now iam alone, i found one gold colour stud and got an idea,by using fevi kwick, it is attatched to my right nose and enjoy themy both hands and feet.On the day of occasion,early morning i took head bath.My sister wore me pattu langa jacket.she put kajal,bindi,other facial makeup.still i have no body hair and she partioned my hair into central partition and made into single long braid, it's reaches below hips and add jada gantalu at the end of the braid. now it reaches knee length and also put

jasmine and kanakambras flowers heavily.she put earrings i.e buttas and golden nose stud and put golden chain to my neck. I thinkmakeup finish and got up.Mom said no,sitdown.I sat down.My aunt put silver anklets to my legs,and add two golden bangles+6 glass+1golden+6glass+1golden+6glass+1golden+6glass+2golden bangles to each of my hand i.e 33bangles to each my hand.some neighbours gathered and bless me.I was very shy.I enjoy all the day with these attire.evg went to temple and do pooja,no one recognised me as a boy.Next day i remove all the attire except ear and nose stud.My mom made my hair into long braid(madya papidi tesi jada vesindi) also put flowers,nose stud exactly suited to my face.I wore normal pant, shirt.After 7months dussera will celebrate, before that mom purchased lotof things and some for me.Mom told me that in dussera, you wore only girl's cloths, jewellaries.I agreed.The day mom and me took head bath,it takes lotof time because of my thick and long hair.Next mom give me pattu langa jacket.I wore braid my hair and put earings, 1 golden bangle+18glass bangle+1gold bangle on each hand.I saw in the mirror,oh great because the dress perfectly fit for my body,iam 44kg and hip 27.Iam at home only enjoy the moments.The whole dussera i don't remove all these attire.After that i enjoy life as both boy and girl.I have to do all household chores and also outside work as a takes special care for my applied turmeric alternate days,still i have no body hair.Last year,one day my uncle came,and saw me.He knows i have long hair but don't know having ear and nose rings.He called me karuna come here(ila rave).He told my parents why she don't wear ladies cloths.He treated me as girl.My parents don't say he said if he has boy figure it is suitable,but he have girl figure with no body hair.Karuna will wear girl cloths definitely looks beautiful.In the pongal festival, mom bought chudidars and said wear it and bangles,anklets etc.still i have ear,nose rings.From that day,most of the time i wore these.So that daily i wore chudidar and 12 glass bangles,anklets,kajal etc.These are permenantly kept on my sister told me on phone you will try half sarees and sarees also.But i have no breast.After few days i suffered from dad taken me to hospital,everyone think me as girl.One person filled my details as iam female.I don't tell him sex.Doctor given some medicines after one week again dad and me goto hospital.This time iam only entered into doctor's room. I got an idea if i will have breast, i wear half saree and saree easily.So that i asked to my doctor, i have no breastgive me some breast enlargement pills.He said oh why?I told sir iam boy.He shocked,i explained the story.He realized and give some medicines.Everyone in my family couldn't know this.I takes all these along with fever medicines.After two months,my chest could be change.One day i had take bath and towel wrapped around my below navel,before wearing dress,mom saw my chest and told hey what is this, i said i don't know.Later one day my sister saw my chest and said to mom, karuna have little breastwhen will do start wear sarees.Mom laughed,and nothing said.Later few months dussera will soon.Before dussera my sister taken my body measurements.On the day, i wore 28A bra and sister wore me half saree.I enjoy the feeling of half saree and other traditional jewellary with matching ear and nose rings.I have only two half sarees,so that weekly once or twice i wore half sarees.Other time i wore chudidars,boy cloths etc.Everyone in our colony admired my traditional looks and enjoy the feeling of sounds of bangles and ankletsEspecially moving my long braid on my butts, its awesome feeling.At pongal time,i expect my mom bought few half sareesBut she didn't bought.At that time, i take head bath and towel wrapped around my head and also towel wrapped around my breast,entered into room.I wore underwear and mom came and wore me bra,langa.I think i wear old half saree but mom bought one pattu saree and matching jacket,i wear it.And braid my hair also put all jewellaries ar a married girlFrom that time i wear both boy and girl cloths.In occasions i wear saree,long braid,bangles,anklets,ear,nose rings,kajal,mehandi etc.most of the time i wore chudidar,hair bun or pony, ear,nose rings etc.some times i wore boy cloths and enjoy life as both boy and girl.But no one recognised me as boy. further, what will i do?

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