My double side nose studs story

Hi all.

When I was about 19yrs, my mother who had one piercing on right side was planning to pierce her left side nose and wear two mukkuthis. I too got tempted and obtained my father's permission to wear a mukkuthi. The following week we both went to T.Nagar and I was the first one get done, very fast and in five minutes I was wearing a smalll three stone nose stud on my right side which was very nice for my nose. Now my mother piercing was a bit slow and it took about two months to heal and only in the third month she was able to change her nose stud. Seeing her pain, I had feeling that if I plan to get my second side piercing later, I too may have to live with pain for two months, its better to get second side piercing now. I explained to my father and had my second piercing during summer holidays. For four years there was a small retainer in the hole on left side of my nose and three months before my wedding my mother inserted a single stone on the left side. My husband who saw me for the first time said that the two nose studs were nice for me.

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