my double nose piercing dream came true

I am a nose fetish guy i use to pierce girls nose only in picture and use to keep in my cupboard. after my marriage i left my nose piercing hobby because my wife got stud in her nose so i am attracted in her nose stud and enjoyed my hobby. one day while cleaning for white wash my mil and my wife saw the girl photos with nose pierced. they never asked me about the photo after the white wash. one sunday my wife called my mil to my house and they both tied my legs and hands in the cot while i am sleeping then they showed the photos to me i felt shy and i close my eyes. after 10 minutes my wife asked me why you pierced all girls photos i explained my interest on nose piercing. then she asked me why cant you tell me your opinion i kept quite and said i felt shy being a guy. how to tell these to my wife she laughed and said if i allow you to wear nose stud are you ready to wear. immediately my face became bright but i never answered but she understood my feelings then she tied my eyes and called her mom they both pierced my nose right side and inserted one multi stone stud and tightened and said my right nose piercing is over so i turned my head and showed my left nose they both laughed and said how much eager you got to get one more stud. hence they planned to pierce one side only they untied me and said after one week they will pierce my left nose i said ok but still i felt shy to see my mil with stud in

my nose but she said she liked my willing ness and said no problem to face me. i counted the days to get one more stud on 7 th day morning i asked my wife one week over for nose piercing she laughed and said tommorow she will pierce my nose i thanked her for getting an understanding wife i got so next day morning i came in front of my wife and said to call my mil she gave a call and we three went to goldsmith and bought one nose tud there every girl watched and said you bought got your nose pierced then why are buying nose stud they said its for me but i went with them by tying a cloth around my nose my wife untied my face cloth they all noticed my nose and laughed and said nice slave you got so better you pierce his septum also then my turned to me and asked in eyes i shaked my head ok then she bought one pendent and we returned home and i sat in front of them my mil pierced my left nose and my wife pierced my septum while piercing one neigbour aunty entered in the hall and watched my piercing and said if his ears also pierced then only it will match other wise it looks like a gay so they pierced my ears and made to wear my wife earring and chudidhar so no one will critisize me i accepted her dress while we all are going out some times if i am alone i use to go in male dress and enjoy the strange look of women and many use to comment about my piercing with me i liked the dicusion about my nose studs

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