Iam a chennai girl of 17 while iam studying 8th i admired my class teacher usha because she got her nose pierced and fitted a five stone thalluku mookuthi made of red stone dazzling in her nose while she teaching in my school many use to dicuss about her nose stud this made me to become clsoe to her i always use to notice her nose stud one she asked me are you interested in nose stud i replied your nose stud looking very matching and makes me to wear nose stud like you she replied that she will arrange for my nose piercing one friday evening she took me to goldsmith and asked to pierce my nose he pierced my nose right side and she gave him same model nose stud of red color it matched my nose very well than i thanked my teacher and i went to my house with red stud glittering my mom saw my nose and said iam very lucky to get a teacher like her since then i never changed my stud even my friends also got their nose pierced like me

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