My beauty ruined me...

This is how I got my nose pierced on both sides.

Actually my dad is so poor and we were four daughters for him. My family members decided to marry me and my fathers sister son who is very rich but doesnt have education residing in village. But I have completed my 12 and was about to study engg via bank loan. I can even say I am the beauty of my school.Everybody used to fall in my beauty. Also I study very well.
After finalising college for my studies, my family took me to their village where my athai family is residing. My athai is so rude and very strict. She welcomed us and enquired with my father whether it is necessary to continue my studies as her son is not even completed 8th std. But my dad said it doesnt matter and also promised that both of us marriage will occur for sure.

Everyone from the neighbourhood started to appreciate my beauty. They confused my athai that if I go to college due to my aesthetic beauty every boy will propose me and even I may love a boy and marry him.

Next day morning my athai asked me to get ready. Me, my athai, my mom and dad, and my future fiance went in car to a market place where all shops are available. My athai went inside a well known jewellery shop and purchased some gold ornaments. Then she called my dad and mom inside and discussed something. She then called me inside and told me that they have come here to get me nose pierced on both sides. I was shocked and opposed her and begged her not to do such things for me as I am too young and also I cant put nose pin on both sides for college. She replied she doesnt believe my age and also it was

my beauty which made her to decide like this. Also she added if I get nose pierced both sides it will prevent male gazing at my beauty.

They also asked me to co operate or else they might tie my hand and do mooku kuthu for me. For more than half an hour all tried to persuade me but I dint obey. So my athai asked to bring a rope to tie my hands and legs. Hearing this I found some heart beat missing. Then I said I will do the piercing and requested not to tie me with ropes. With tears in eyes I sat down in front of achari. My athai asked him to do both the piercing painfully to ease child birth after marriage. She then aske me to pray to their kulla theivam. I can smell some metal geting heated up. My mom mean while marked the spot to be pierced. Then the achari requested my athai to hold my head as it will be very painful. With a thick needle he pierced my nose on right side. I stood up in pain and my mom holded my hands which was about to remove the needle from my nose. Everyone pushed me down to sit. My dad consoled me to bear the pain. Then the man inserted the big nose pin on the newly pierced hole. Blood started to ooze out as the stem was so thick. He then cmpletely screwed it tightly. I requested my athai that I will get other side pierced in two or three days after but she dint hear me speaking. By the same way my nose was pierced in left side and nose pin was inserted. In one hour time mooku kuthu was done for me on both sides.

On returning home she also added if she find me talking to any boys outside she might tonsure me.

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