mothers vow to pierce son`s ear and nose

by priya dharshan
(tamilnadu )

i am priya(now). i am having 2 elder sisters. i am 17 years old. when my second sister was born my mother was expecting a boy baby. but accidently my sister was born. after some days my mother went to amman temple and offered a vow that if she gives birth to a boy child in her next delivery then she will pierce her son`s ear and nose and put ornaments permanently. after 2 years my mother gave birth to a boy child i.e.,me. actually in my street i and other two r boys and rest of others r girls at my age. at every navarathri time my mother use to compell me to dress like girls and go with them and sing a song with them. but i use to oppose her everytime. at 2009 navarathri time my mother compelled usually. i too opposed that time mother told me that i should leave my hairs grow for two years and then she told about the vow offered to goddess amman before my birth. i was shocked and i opposed but my relatives convinced me to accept the request. i completed my 10th std on 2/4/2011. the function was fixed on 13/4/2011. on 6/4/2011 a tailor was called to take measurements to stitch dress for me to wear on the function day. on the day of function many invitees were there. at that time few ladies were doing some rituals by applying turmeric on my face, inserting many bangles on my both hands and placing some flowers on my combed hair which is at the level of chest. then a lady came with a needle and pierced my both ears and inserted the ornaments and after few minutes she pierced my bot nose and inserted a 3diamond stud on left nose and 5diamond stud on right nose. then i was taken to a room and made to wear a saree and other ladies garments like petticoat,bra,blouse,anklet and a gold necklace. then i was called out to take photo in girl attire with relatives and with my friends in my area. next day i woke up and went to bath. i came back after bath and saw my cup

board it was full of ladies dresses and ornaments. i was shouting at the people in the hose and my sister came and told that yesterday itself your all male dresses were thrown out and here after you should wear these dresses only. then my mother came and told me that can you go out with these ornaments and wear boy dresses. so you wear these dresses for some days and then you will get practised. i followed my mothers words and wore a frock and other ladies sisters told that why should`nt you be girl for life time and however you have to wear these ornaments for your life time. i told them that i can`t speak about this to mother so you people can speak. they told ok and they went for speaking. next day my mother called me and told me to get ready and we are going out today. i went to my room and got ready with help of my sister. i and my mother went out. first she went to a textile shop and told me to select a saree for me to wear on some occasion. then she went to my uncle`s hospital and told me to sit outside and she went inside and called me inside and told that i have to have an anti-septic injection to prevent my ears and nose. i accepted and had injection and we went home.after ten days i felt some change my body that my chest was grown to big one on that day i thought that it was a natural growth and i left.after some days felt my sexual was becoming small and was shrinking then i told my mom about my problem. she told that the injection that was given for you was a hormone injection and will be permanently a girl in your life time. i and my sisters were very happy. even when i am typing this i am wearing all ladies under garments like ear rings,nose rings,frock,bindhi on my forehead,bangles on my both hands,anklet on my both legs and flower on my combed hair which is little above my hip. this is the my life story from male to female.

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