by Rajesh


I would like to share my further experience till date in this story. I feel that I shared my earlier story on 58th day i.e., on 03-11-2011 that I was living as a women in women attire with wearing nose studs on both nostrils, ear studs on both ears with one more piercing each on my ears next to ear lobe.

On 25-11-2011 the thread was removed from my ears & small white stone studs were inserted by the pierced ladies & this time also I felt a lot of pain.

As earlier fixed the saree removal day was held on 16-12-2011. On that day early morning I took a bath & my mother gave me a new silk saree & blouse to wear along with all new under garments, which she bought for me earlier. As per my mother and grandma I wore the inner garments like bra, panty & petticoat.My grandma & other 2 ladies helped me in wearing the new silk saree & blouse. And then they removed the ear stud from my ear lobe and fixed the new big ear tops with jhumkis, this time also I felt very much pain because the stem was little bit thicker, with no other option I beared it.And then one dozen green bangles each was put on my both hands, haldi on both side of my cheeks & big kum kum on my forehead.And silver kadaga was put on my both ankles.

Then after getting ready in total women attire I was made to sit on wooden palet before the invites for

3 hours. In this period 5 ladies came to me and performed some rituals on me and inserted some bangles in my hands. And the pundit performed some rituals on me.

And lastly he announced that 101 days of wearing the saree has been completed. In future it is not required.

And then he spoke to my mother & grand mother & asked about my intention of getting married to goddess durga matha to be announced or not. then every body discussed with me.

And I gave my reason before the invitees that due to my mothers vow to goddess to pierce my nose & ears, I got it done and stayed wearing saree 101 days. From today I am free from wearing saree,but not from the ear & nose ornament, which I has to wear in my life time. My feeling is people may tease me if am in men dress with both nose studs in my nose and ear ornament in my ears. Instead I would like to get married to goddess durga matha & be in women attire till my life time, so that people will respect me instead of teasing me. Once I get married to goddess I will follow the rituals as per the instructions of pundit & the elders.

Majority of the invitees accepted my feeling. Then finally the pundit referred some books and announced the date of my marriage to goddess on 08-06-2012. And told me to get remaining piercings on ears & septum before the marriage date and he will inform the other rituals to be observed before the marriage in his next visit.


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