Mothers vow goddess to pierce son 's ear & nose.

by Rajesh

I am new to this site. I would like to share my nose pierced experience which is because of custom committed by my mother & grandma. I am having 2 elder brothers & 2 younger sisters. when I was born, my parents were expecting a girl baby , but they got a boy i.e., me for which they were unhappy & my mother was crying for not having a daughter. My mother & grandma after 6 months went to the durga matha temple and offered prayer & committed a vow that if she gives birth to a girl in her next delivery,she will pierce the ears,nose & put the ornaments permanently to her third son.After 2 1/2 years my mother gave birth to twin girl babies.And every body were happy in the family.
And my grandma reminded the vow offered by my mother to goddess durga matha which was postponed due to my young age & decided to fulfill the offer after 15 years.This vow committed my family members was not known to me
until they informed me at the age of 18 years.When I heard of piercing I was surprised & opposed.Our family members convinced me to fulfill the vow given by my mother for which I agreed to fulfill the offer after my degree.And they informed me to allow my hair to grow for one year before piercing function.
Last April '2011 I completed my BBm degree. On 10-8-2011 a tailor was called to take the measurement to stitch blouse for me. The piercing function was fixed on 18-08-2011 by inviting relatives.
On 10-8-11 early morning I took a bath & wore a dothi & avlli, as per the pundit I sat before the photo of Goddess durga matha for one hour where few ladies performed some ritual by putting haldi & kumkum on my face & inserted a dozen bangles in my both hands & fixed some flowers on my head. On the fixed time of 2 ladies came to me with needle inserted with 4 layer black thread. My mother & grandma came to me to check the place /mark of piercing on nose & ears. First they pierced my both ears and tied the thread & then they pierced my both side of the nose and tied the thread. In this process I cried like any thing but in vain.And they took a oath from me that I will not close this piercing my life time. Then they took me to a room and made to wear silk saree, blouse with all ladies under garments. And again I was made to sit before relatives for another 1 hour. At that time I was gifted a anklet pair and the presenter put to my ankle.The pundit performed some ritual during this time I got a around 9 sarees as gift from my relatives. Then the lady who pierced told to be in the thread for 21 days after that the ear ornament & nose stud will be inserted. And the pundit told to be wearing saree for 101 days from the day of wearing the ornament because the vow offerd was delayed by years so you are supposed to wear saree. Every body in the family was happy especially my grandma, she came to me and consoled me. All the invitees had the lunch and went Later I sat separately and and started crying because of the pain of the piercing.
Later I started to wear the saree with blouse continuosly, on 7-9-11 being 21st day the pierced ladies & pundit came.And the ladies removed the ear thread and put each diamond stud on both ears & after an hour they removed the left nose thread and replaced a 3 diamond stud & then removed the thread on right side nose & replaced with 7 stone diamond stud.In this process also I suffered a lot of pain and shouted on deaf ears.Again I was made to wear a new silk saree and sat before the few invitees. Later few ladies performed some rituals & the pundit again took a oath that I will wear the saree & be in the saree for 101 days from today i.e.,7-9-11 to 16-12-11.And I should not remove the ear & nose ornaments in my life time.
Today is the 58th day still I am in saree after another 43 days I will be free from saree but I am not free from the ear & nose stud, which I should be wearing until my life time as this is the vow

offered by my mother and grandma.

Some times I feel shy when I see myself in the mirror.
Now I have learnt to wear saree & blouse with help of my grandma.Now I am having 16 sarees out of which 2 are silk sarees.Few days back my mother has purchased for me a pair of big ear tops & a new silk saree which I will have wear on 101 day. (Saree removal day)

Initially I got annoyed to wear saree even I wept to wear saree at that time my mother & grandma consoled me.After few days I got adjusted of wearing the saree regularly.
Now I am feeling very much happy in the saree, blouse, nose stud & ear ornament , dozens of bangles on both hands, anklet ,& a gold chain given by my mother & combing my hair which is below my neck.
Daily early morning after my bath I wear all the women attire with flowers on my head & perform pooja to goddess durga matha.
Since few days I feel in my inner soul that I may be unable to stop wearing the women attire. I am thinking to be in the women attire for life time. Because the bangles & anklets I wore gives me the pleasant sound. I like very much to wear the bra & blouse which is covered by the saree pallu.And nowadays I am not feeling shy & I will go out with family members with out any feeling. Most of the time I spend time before the mirror watching my nose stud which shine.

Today I discussed with family members and told my mother & grandma that as per your vow I has to wear ear stud & nose studs for life time why not other women attire. Now my inner soul is forcing me to be in the women attire for life time. Then everybody accepted this and told it is up to you and you can be in the women attire also for your life time. Hereing this I felt very much happy. And further they told that the 101 day function will be performed & we will announce that I will be in the women attire for the life time.
And other rituals will be performed on you i.e.,
you will be married to the goddess durga matha.
As marriage rituals,as per pundit I should get another 5 piercing with studs on each ear from top of the ears & the septum also to be pierced with the ring (this can be removed after few days of ceremony if you not like) before marriage ceremony.

On the fixed day of the marriage ceromony will be arranged in which the pudit will keep the mangalasutra & toe ring in front of the goddess durga matha for rituals with pooja & you will be in bridal attire and the pundit will tie the mangalasutra to you & put the toe ring to your toe. And you has to take a oath that in the life time you will be as women & weekly thrice on sunday , tuesday & friday perform pooja to goddess durga matha and carry the god on your head and go for begging atleast 11 house. This will be your life in future. And I will be called as nithya sumangali.

For this I have agreed and informed my family members to arrange the marriage function. After the 101 day function the marriage will be fixed. Today evening I got second piercing by the same process with a thread.And I get the balance piercing with in few days but before marriage ceremony.

Now I have already informed my grandma to take me to a beauty parlour to get my eye brow trimmed, for facial therapy to remove the hair on my face as well as my hand and legs which they have agreed.

Just because of my mother vow goddess durga matha to pierce my nose & my life itself is changed from a male to women.

This is my piercing story which has taken from male to female attire due to my force of inner soul.

Now while writing this real story I am wearing all the women attire like, saree, petticoat, ladies inner garment, bra, blouse,bangles on my both hands,anklet,gold chain given by my mother, flower on my combed hair & kumkum on my fore head with both nose studs & ear stud on both ears at ear lobe and with one more piercing on each with threads next to ear lobe.

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