Mookuthi to my lover

My lover name is Sunitha her grandma was very strict during her 10 summer holiday she went to her native place her grandma saw her face looks so beauty she her grand daughter will get attracted by all guys so she planned to pierce her both nose one Sunday she took her to near by place without informing she made her grand daughter to wear two big nose studs each side after piercing she dipped the inner thread with molten metal and tightened so the studs cannot be removed always with tears she accepted the studs in her nose she returned to her home during our college 2nd I came to know her story this made me to love her one day flipped her nose wings I saw her inner thread stud little bigger than the normal and the stem was very thick length is very short there is no space to cut the stem her grandma planned well the studs have to kept in the nose life long still her face looks nice with big studs in young age which makes me to enjoy her attire always

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