Mommy's nose piercing

by Amraan

My mother is a 40 year old women. One evening when she came back from work we saw she has got a new pair of ear piercing.... We asked for whom she pieced it... She said her friend was also get pireced so she gave her company. Weeks passed, she removed her gun pierced stud to put beautiful gold rings... Unfortunately after removing the stud she was not able to insert the ring as the hole was not properly healed. She called me for help.. I'm her son 18 years old i came to her room. She asked me to put the rings in her cartilage hole.... I was little excited and i forcefully inserted the ring .... The ears were very red due to the thick ring entered her cartilage. I did the same for the other side but it slipped easily.... She was looking very hot like angel from heaven... I told her she looking like hoori (sex angels from heaven) she laughed and thanked me... Few months after it was her birthday ... I brought her a diamond nose ring and i thought to gift get.... That night while having dinner from restaurant i opened the gift box and showed it to her.... I saw her shy face as nose rings are considered very sexy in our community .... I asked her whether she liked it.... She did liked it and asked me to put it myself.... That night after reaching home i made a spot on her nose using Pen and used her old gun piercing studs which was used for her cartilage to piece her nose.... I asked her to sit on chair with eyes closed... She was breathing heavily.... Just by then i inserted it's stick forcefully into her nose.... The stem came from the other side and it was successfully pierced. I inserted the back side thing also..... Now her face was full red with few tears in her eyes.... God she was sexy... She looked her face in the mirror and she was very happy ... I loved her reaction ... After that i told her that it will reduce the menstruation pain as it's pierced in the left nose and it will reduce the pain during child birth . She laughingly said that do u want me to become pregnant again and i laughed too ... And she said that she will pierce my wife's nose too when she gets married and i told her that when my 10 year old sister becomes mature we will pierce her nose too and she agreed to it blushingly .... This was the story of my mommys piercing .... Her name is Sana

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