me my daughter get septum our pierced

by jalaja srinivas acharya

Hai I am jalaja srinivas acharya,a working lady from Kochi,Kerala. Me and my 22 years old daughter saswata wears septum ring for 2 years now. Let's share my storu., I have pierced my nose before my marriage and second ear piercings.after my daughter was born with her I got my ears pierced 3 times saswata have 4 ear piercings. My ears have 3 at the lobe, one at middle carriage and one at cartilage. So my daughter she likes western culture , and piercings. When she started go college, she secretly said he have to pierce her septum . I denied her, because septum piercing is uncommon in Kerala and people will blame me. My elder son was working abroad. That year he came to leave. Saswata said him about septum piercing, he said its very common in outside India and he made a promise to her that he will pay for her piercing. And said mom you also join her. I again denied . but they two started to compelling me to get pierced at last I agreed to my kids. So two weeks after we three gone to jewellary and we selected horse shoe type jewellary made in gold. First saswata sat in front of the piercer and he gentle pierced her septum with needle and inserted the ring. Her eyes got watered but she only smiled. Next was my turn I sat in front of the piercer and he started on my nose he pushed the needle through my septum I cried like a baby and tears started to flow. Then he inserted the gold ring through my septum. I got cry more than before. After we returned home my son said that mom septum ring suites beautiful on you than saswata. I looked at the mirror yes it is glowing on my nose. When I going for job I hides the ring inside my nose, but my daughter she proudly shows off the ring every time. I enjoying the look with the piercing for two years.

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