i pierced my nose with my african friend while studying in college without knowing to my family i kept my hole stil with broom stick and use to wear stud and ringsa while we go for tour one time i showed my tour photo to my mom and sister unkowingly one photo with stud in my nose my sister noticed and and kept quite and after showed to my mom on that night while sleep[ing they fiuxed one stud in my nose and got photo very close they developed mega size and framed and kept in my room while returned from class i entered my room my mom and sister laughing at me on seeing my photho i felt shy on looking them they entered my room and made me sit and tied my eyes and screwed one nose screw and dipped in feviquick the inner thread a nd srewed tightly after that incident iam always with nose stud mom calll me mookuthi maganand my sister always pinches my nose stud and not to remove as you like it we will alove you with mookuthi even for marriage your nose will be with be our mookuthi yuou should try to remove in asny way any time and got promise my neighbour girl friend likes me with mookuthi and said to my mom wants to marry me so my marriage was fixed and every one looks me difffrent because my wife without nose and myself with nose screw after marriage i asked my wife to pierce her nise now we both are with nose mookuthi

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