Me and My husband share common bond-love and piercings

by Gayatri

I got married last week. We came to Canada where he works, and I got spouse visa. After two weeks, once when he had taken me to restaurant for evening dinner. I noticed a woman who had beautiful nose piercing, and was lost in dreams. He asked me about what I am thinking, and I told him that I have desire to get my nose pierced, if you dont have any problem. He was completely fine with my proposal, and the next weekend he took me to jeweller's shop. I choose my piercing studs as well new jewellery for ears. Suddenly I came up with idea that he too should try out piercing. He was reluctant, but I told him that this is new country so not many people know him here. Even the lady who was owner of shop and professional at piercing said that piercing would look awesome on him. After I got my piercing done, I made him sit on the chair while he was scared. I put a mark on my nostril and told owner to pierce. She pierced his nose and both ears, and behold he too had piercings like me. Now we both share a common bond, and which is that we both sport earrings and nose stud. It was my dream that me and my husband should have as much things in common when it common specially when it comes to piercings. If woman is allowed to wear jeans, why are boys made to stay away from jewellery? Jewellery brought me and my husband closer to each other as he now appreciates my love for jewellery and I took him to shopping one month later to shop for better nose stud and earrings for him which would make him look sexy and would compliment his looks. He doesnt look feminine, infact sparkling nose stud and earrings give a extra dash to his looks. At home his piercings turn me on while he feels fresh when he sees me decked in nosering and earrings. At home I ask him to wear my triple flower style diamond studded nosering, which is sexy. But during day he only wears single studded nosering and two earrings. I asked him to promise me not to ever remove nosering else it will disappoint me, and he demanded same promise from me. I am so lucky to have such dashing and loving husband.

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