Male with nose stud

Hi i am from chennai one day i went buy sweet in mint along with my wife in that shop i saw a staff with gold stud in his right nose i showed to my wife she said he is so handsome with nose stud i too agreed that night my wife opened the same topic i said he may got pierced because of some family ritual my wife took me next day to same shop and asked him about his nose piercing he answered his nose pierced by his wife for not obeying her words and its permanently fixed with molten metal dipped so i t cannot be removed by me now i am adjustable to her on hearing his words my wife turned her head and said soon i will get same experience i asked sorry for my diobedient but she kept quite we returned home that sunday morning i saw my hands and legs tied with rope while in sleep i shouted her she came near and showed me a tiny nose stud i said i wont alow she laughed at me and said she wont untie me i said ok she left me and went to kitchen after 3 hr i called her i am ready please untie me for pissing she untied my legs and helped to go for bathroom she brushed my teeth again tied my legs and made me to lie in her laps and marked the spart in left nose and pierced with needle inserted top piece and with feviquick tightened the inner thread after finishing she kissed my nose atlast she untied me said if i am not obeying next my septum will be pierced i asked her how i will go out with stud she laughed and said its your problem i felt shy for one week after it became common in my life after one month again she pierced my septum and stud placed but unknown to others now we both enjoying she plays in night i like the feeling

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