Hi, I am jayalakshmi, 30 .I would like to narrate my nose pircing story here. I was born in atraditional family in a village near kumbakonam as the eldest of 3 daughters and 2 sons. As per village custom my right nose was pierced when I was 8 year old and was wearing a red 1 stone mookuthi. When i was 18 i had completed my Plus 2 level and was wanting to pursue degree course but my parents were eager to get me married but i insisted that somehow i should become a graduate.The college was nearly 25 kms away and parents were very reluctant and my grand mother was also keen to get me married. I had no choice and when i was 19 got married and was living in Tanjore with my husband and in laws.When i was 23 years old i had a 2 year old daughter and i expressed my desire to become a graduate. My MIL and husband agreed with acondition that i should go to college only if i get my left nose also pierced and wearing studs on both nostrils so as to avoid any problems from boystudents and also as a protection as a married lady.I agreed reluctantly but in my eagerness to become a graduate i had no choice.I got my left nose pierced at 23 and i pursued collegeto become a Bcom graduate.I was wearing nose studs on both nostrils to college and i was the only one with double nose studs in the college.I am wearing now an 8 stone besari on my right nose which my husband giftef to me on my 25th birth day and on my left nose i am wearing a 4 pin talukku mookkuthi. My husband likes my mookkuthis very much and always plays with them and enjoys removing and putting the studs back in my nose including tightening the bottom thirugani.I am happy wearing diamond studs on both nostrils

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