by Janet

i am a 16 yer old English girl and yesterday I got both my nostrils and septum pierced.
My best friend at school is from an Indian family and had her nose pierced when she was quite young in the tradition of her family.
I love the look of her decorated nose and have longed to have my own nose similarly adorned but my mother would not hear of it as it is not an English custom.
For a long time I have been saving my pocket money until I had enough to pay for the piercings. In England piercings are mainly done not at jewellers but in tattoo studios.
After school yesterday I went to one of these and asked them to pierce my nose. I expected it to be painful and to some extent it was particularly the septum but it was nowhere near as bad s I had expected.
When I got home my mother was extremely angry initially but after a while she calmed down and admitted the my new rings looked vey attractive. I certainly was the centre of attention at school today.

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