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Apr 23, 2012
Dummy NEW
by: Anonymous

Are you stupid? You don't put ointment on a piercing!

Dec 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

plastic is porous, if your nose was pierced recently, I wouldn't use it because it will adhere to your piercing and be painful to remove

Sep 20, 2011
plastic ring
by: Anonymous

No problem with plastic nose ring.

Prevention is the best cure; that's a truism that applies to any part of your body. That being said, you can protect your piercing by taking the following simple precautions:

Never touch your piercing if you haven't washed your hands first.
Determine if you are having an allergic reaction to the jewelry. If the metal doesn't suit your skin, remove it.
To keep the piercing clean, apply a thin coat of antiseptic ointment to the area-before sleep and before you go out.
If you notice pus, wait until the drainage slows down. Then you can move the piercing just a little, once every week. If you move it more often then you will aggravate the nose piercing infection.
If you're washing or wiping your face, avoid tugging on your nose jewelry.
Follow your piercing professional's aftercare instructions for avoiding scars.
Avoid applying alcohol-based cleaners around the wound.
You should similarly avoid makeup application around the piercing.
Never pick at the scab with your nails.
We recommend staying away from swimming pools, as you will raise your risk of a nose piercing infection.
Above all else, remember that regular cleansing of the wound in a hygienic way with a non-irritating product, using simple hygienic precautions, is your best safeguard against infections. We recommend a sterile saline solution.

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