I was told to get my nose pierced again

by Kritika


Where to start from, lets start from where we are " The 21st Century " where I thought girl's education ,her job and plethora of love for her husband held importance. I guess i was wrong, so after Dating Raghav for about 5 years we decided to get married. As we knew each other since childhood marriage approval from parents was actually cake walk
So the preps started for the marriage, i was shocked to see as no one asked my education background what are my aims in life , how much am I earning. Rather than that i was asked to change the job timings, to stop wearings jeans, to have pallu on my head always, to keep on touching feet of elders whenever ypu see them ( Fair enough) , but what when you met them 5 minutes ago, The answer was yes u have to touch the feet again, if someone invites for dinner just go straight to the kitchen nd help them( fair enough) But after dinner wash their utensils. In my mind i thought i was the guest for the dinner was arranged for.
Anyways the list of demands was quite long..but one demand just shook me nd it was of Nose piercing... Yes!!!!! A small demand which was quite big for me as i hated it. I had to do it as i was told that it is for my husband's good health. .But after marriage i got an infection im my nose nd my doctor almost cut my nose nd the piercing had to be removed to drain the blood nd infection Material. I thought my Saasu ma ( Mother in law) will see me in bandage nd will feel pitty of me but nothing of this sort happened. I was told to get my npse pierced again. Yes in that condition i was told to do so. This is my story.

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