I waited for the apportunity!

by Ravi

I am a 30 year old male,always got the desire of anklets and nose rings. I use to wear anklets in my room from so many years without knowledge to my family members. I wanted to pierce my nose badly, so I was looking for the opportunity. One fine day my family members to go to Bangalore for an occasion for at least a week, I said some one has to be at home so I staid here itself, they agreed and left.The same night I ran to a gold smiths shop and purchased a golden nose stud and a ring of thin wire with a small bead in it and also bought a thick needle and a bottle of antiseptic lotion. Immediately I came home and started piercing my right nostril by marking a spot on it. It was too painful to do it myself then I took a cube of ice and numbed the place. Then it was easier for me to do the job i removed the needle and inserted the stud and tightened the screws and then the same way I pierced my septum and placed the ring in it I was so happy to see me in mirror. that inspired me to pierce my ear lobes too as I found my sisters gimki At home I wore All the other jewelery in my home that day including my own silver anklets and kadas on my ankles till morning I kept it as it was. and slowly I removed all the things with the heavy mind. within a week by applying creams like nomark my Nostril hole Marc almost disappear I had no issue with the ear lobe holes as I pierced them on the same mark which I already had. so no body got any clue. after four years now I am looking for a bride for myself who can respect my this desire.thanks for reading!

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